About Me

JonName: Jon S.
Origin: Norway
Years of Travel: Since the late 1980s
Passions: Playing guitar, teaching, online learning

Hi, I’m Jon, originally from Norway. With a wanderlust that ignited in the late 1980s, I have been exploring the world ever since.

Along my journey, I developed a deep passion for playing the guitar, finding solace and joy in its melodies. Teaching has also become a significant part of my life, as I enjoy sharing my knowledge and inspiring others.

Embracing the digital age, I have fully embraced online learning, appreciating the accessibility and limitless possibilities it offers.

Through my experiences, I strive to inspire and connect with people from all walks of life. Join me on this exciting adventure!

This site was really built with you in mind and we hope you will find it useful.

Your comments or questions are of course welcome.


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