Best Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners (2020)

Hello, I’ve been playing the guitar for around 5 years now; I’ll start off by giving you my little but very important beginners advice: you need to secure yourself planned and SOLID online guitar lessons.

Online Guitar Lessons This is to avoid the mistake of spending the entirety of your first few — but precious — months trying to locate reliable free online guitar lessons that most novice guitarists do. The only thing you can get out of this is very poor progress.

I’m speaking from experience because I also made this mistake. Later, I wished I’d just sacked up and went straight on to spending the US$19 required to secure a dependable online paid lessons membership. In fact, it’s when I opted for this that my guitar skills are DRAMATICALLY improved.

To cut the long story short, all we’re saying is that you need to have a clear procedural plan; a step-by-step tutoring from a skilled guitarist online. This is the quickest way to pro status.

The following are some of the sites for the best online guitar lessons for beginners where novices like you can master guitar playing (I’m a member):

In the course of playing my guitar, I’ve subscribed to nearly every guitar lessons online membership there is out there. While some are far superior to others when it comes to tutorship, others are just better suited for better guitars.

Check below my personal reviews of various paid guitar sites on the web showing their main advantages, as well as disadvantages. I’ve no doubt that the reviews are going to come in handy to assist you make the right choice and ensure that your tiny monthly investment is going to accelerate your rate of improvement at guitar playing.

2018’s Top Online Guitar Lessons Sites

  1. Jamplay (Check Out My JamPlay Review)
  2. Guitar Tricks (Read My Review & Subscribe For Free)
  3. Jamorama (Check out my Review)

The Quick Down & Dirty


    • A massive number of lessons (> 8,000) to pick from), with easy-to-follow training instructions. The website is very organized, with training that is suited for even a complete never-again-touched-a-guitar novice.
    • Super-advanced tutorship: As well as providing the best online guitar lessons for beginners, Jamplay is also an amazing platform for those with some guitar-playing experience that they want to push up to pro status.
    • At only US$17/month. Jamplay is reasonably prized, especially bearing in mind that you will be able to access up to 40 tutors plus 1000s of training hours and the best one-on-one tutorship whenever you need some live guitar lessons online.
    • Training in all kinds of the guitar: acoustic, electric, shredding, country, etc.

  • My verdict: Jamplay is ULTRA-high quality, very affordable and a perfect place for everybody from beginners to the hardcore shredders. Currently, I’m also a Jamplay member and strongly recommend it for you as well.

Guitar Tricks (You Can Try This For Free)

  • Guitar Tricks is the best online platform for beginner guitarists.
  • Just sign up for its free online guitar lessons trial and check what it has to offer. You’ll find it, even more, fantastic if it’s your first guitar membership site.
  • With more than 8,000 lessons to choose from, you’ll never run out of playing options.
  • As well as giving you access to the cheapest guitar lessons online, Guitar Tricks also comes with a 60-day refund guarantee!

Taking an online guitar course is one of the easiest and most convenient ways of learning how to play the guitar. Whether you are eyeing a position in your local church choir or a music band, or it is for your individual fun and satisfaction, online guitar lessons are just the best avenue for learning the guitar.

With online guitar lessons, you have at your disposal a large number of resources to use. Whether you are a beginner guitarist, somebody who is simply looking for a place to hone their guitar-playing skills, or somebody wanting to reach pro level, there are numerous online sources for you. With the tremendous advancement in Internet technology that we have seen in the last couple of years and the kind of busy lives we are leading, online guitar lessons are now popular more than ever. Today, you can undertake the best online guitar lessons in the comfort of your living room.

But Why an Online Guitar Course?

Online guitar lessons are advantageous for many reasons, with the first and perhaps the most crucial being that they enable you to get access to a steady source of musical content and trainers from across the globe whenever you need them. What’s more, if you make the right choices, these lessons can save you lots of time and money. With an online guitar course program, you can set your timetable and can easily revisit the learning instructions.

Compare this with the prohibitively high cost of hiring a private tutor, having to adhere to his/her learning timetable, having to visit a physical place for training and the very minimal, if any, the chance of revisiting lessons!

Another benefit of an online guitar tutorship is that it allows you to learn at your convenient pace. Even more importantly, the fact that you’re using online videos means that yours is the most comfortable learning environment there can be, with no pressure whatsoever. Additionally, there is no disappointment of having to learn in a class filled with fast learners who are always leaving you behind and piling pressure on you.

With online guitar lessons, there is no limit to flexibility! For instance, if you find that a certain lesson is easy to learn, you can just skip it or move on to the next level of newer and more challenging techniques. They also come with no risks since most online teachers normally offer their students a strong money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, you may, therefore, claim back your money.

Getting the most appropriate online guitar program for you is quite easy if you know exactly where to look for them. For beginners, kicking off with some free online guitar lessons might be your best bet, with the best online guitar lessons for beginners — and even other levels of guitar-playing skill — being those that include videos, audios, text and diagrams.

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