JamPlay Review & Discount Codes (2018 Update)

Since JamPlay is one of the biggest online guitar lesson sites I decided to have a deeper look at it, so here is my JamPlay Review:

JamPlay Main Benefits:

Massive Collection of Lesson: JamPlay Guitar Lessons are the second-biggest online guitar lessons platform on the Web.

Good Starting Point for Beginners: the website is a fantastic site for the younger guitar players who have never handled the instrument before but are enthusiastic about learning how to play fast.

Key Limitations on Jam Play:

More Costly: JamPlay charges about 33% higher than Guitar Tricks, the highest-rated and, therefore, a most sought-after guitar-learning site on the Internet.

Customer Support: While Jam Play offers their customers only seven days in moneyback guarantee, their main competitor in the online guitar lessons market, Guitar Tricks, offers customers up to 60 days for the same.


JamPlay ReviewIf you decide to write a review of this service, it is almost impossible to avoid comparing them to their competitor Guitar Tricks since nearly every guitar enthusiast out there seems to be asking which is better between the two.

With all due respect to fairness in my Jam – Play review, I have to start by pointing out that, compared to JamPlay.com, GuitarTricks.com has been in the market for much longer. It is, therefore, understandable that the latter has gained more popularity and more active users over time. Subsequently, Guitar Tricks also has had more time to enable them to create some of the most effective guitar-playing lessons compared to any other site.

JamPlay Videos

However, Jam Play also has a lot of factors going for it. For instance, it has always been JamPlay Reviewstouted as having some of the finest and most effective online tools for teaching the art of playing guitar. The company is always striving to keep themselves up-to-date, creating new guitar lesson videos. Their continuously expanding lessons database contains a large number of useful learning tools for the advancement of guitar skills for all levels of learners, from novices to those looking to sharpen their skills to pro status.

Guitar Tricks has set very high standards for others in this market (including JamPlay.com) owing to the sheer amount of their top quality guitar lesson content in almost every guitar-playing style that exists. However, JamPlay provides you with a magnificent alternative approach that most guitarists could take advantage of. For instance, in addition to having more tutors than Guitar Tricks, Jam Play’s group of guitar teachers also includes several professional guitarists who are members of active touring bands from across the globe. Having different perspectives from various tutors is one of the most effective ways of improving your guitar skills. This is, therefore, one of the biggest strengths that JamPlay has over competitors like Guitar Tricks.

In the past few years, though, JamPlay.com has been rapidly gaining popularity. It is a great choice more so for those of you who have already begun lessons with Guitar Tricks and want to experience some fresh perspective. Even the younger children who are ready to play the real guitar rather than dwell in video games are going to enjoy JamPlay’s collection of guitar lessons, especially if they have friends already using the site. While many guitar enthusiasts and beginners go for Guitar Tricks as their first pick due to their 14-day Free Trial offer, JamPlay.com offers some irresistible nice incentives that make their service worthwhile to subscribe to.

In the course of my regular reviews, I have come across two coupon codes that I am sure will come in handy to help you make some significant savings as you sign up for JamPlay’s online guitar lessons. Check out the JamPlay discounts below:

– Coupon Code — 25% Off First Month: 1BA1E2.

– Coupon Code — 10% Off All Guitar Products: 33C6CE.

For those of you who may want to try out JamPlay’s guitar lessons online for a month before subscribing, you can take advantage of the 25% off coupon code. For those guitarists who may opt to sign up for, say, JamPlay’s one-year membership package, the 10% off coupon code is probably the most appropriate for you. It is better than purchasing a collection of tab books.

Parting Shot: Is JamPlay Worth It?

JamPlay.com comes out as one of the better choices to make if you are looking for a good online platform via which you can take your guitar lessons. The site has a lot of tools to ensure that you experience the most effective learning process, whether you are teaching yourself the basics of guitar playing from scratch or you just want to enhance the skills you already have. It is enough to keep you busy all through. Jam Play is certainly one of the best places there is for online guitar lessons. With its two coupon codes highlighted above, the deal is even much sweeter. It is our hope that our JamPlay review here will help in easing the process to your final decision, and even much quicker. We believe you will not be disappointed.

Please visit Jam Play for more information. I hope that my JamPlay review has helped you in your decision!