Guitar Tricks Review (2018)

Are you enthusiastic about learning how to play the guitar? Are you a beginner or you just want to sharpen your guitar skills to guitar guru level?  Whatever your needs are, as far as online guitar lessons are concerned, you have several choices to pick from. And though you are going to come across some new companies and online platforms offering guitar lessons over the Web as you endeavor to learn to play this musical instrument, GuitarTricks is the most prominent pioneer in this online guitar lessons field.

Having been established in 1998, Guitar Tricks has had more time to allow for the fine-tuning of their website much more than the newer online guitar lessons platforms that are springing up nowadays. When you are learning to play guitar from scratch, you need to adopt a streamlined way of doing it with lots of high-quality online tutorials and easy-to-grasp guitar lessons that you can control your pace of learning. In this regard, no other online guitar lessons site is like GuitarTricks. After all, this company has the longest history in this field, and they have accumulated the largest number of registered users.

GuitarTricks Key Attributes and Benefits

Can we thus crown GuitarTricks the best online platform for guitar lessons? Being a veteran guitarist who has been playing the guitar for almost two decades, I decided to get fully acquainted with Guitar Tricks so that I have the full story to share with you here. I have brought you that story through this exclusive Guitar Tricks review, but before we can get down to the details, I would like us to have a look at the key attributes and benefits that you will get when you start using their site:

  • 8,000+ online guitar lessons, with more being added every day;
  • 500+ songs that you can learn, double the number that their competition can offer you;
  • Get to learn songs by The Eagles, The Beatles, Pearl Jam, Jimi Hendrix and many more;
  • A top-of-the-range Core Learning System, with a step-by-step Beginner Guitarist Program;
  • An easy-to-read Onscreen Notation in their Core Learning System;
  • An Advanced Technique Library designed for Pro Guitarists;
  • Artist Studies on Eminent and Veteran Guitarists;
  • HD Lesson Tutorial Videos featuring Comprehensive 3-Angle Views;
  • More Affordable Pricing than its Competitors;
  • Over 45 Guitar-Playing Instructors covering all Guitar Styles;
  • The Only Site offering 100% FREE 14-Day Trial;
  • Satisfaction is Guaranteed with a 60-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee!

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Detailed GuitarTricks Review

Well, to comprehensively break down our GuitarTricks Review here, let us start by going through the most crucial factors depicting just how good GuitarTricks is for teaching yourself the art of playing the guitar.

The following are the key criteria used for rating Guitar Tricks:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Effectiveness of Service
  3. Cost of Subscription
  4. Money-Back Guarantee
  5. Proven Reputation
  6. Real User Reviews

Each one of the following factors is just as crucial to the overall rating of the Guitar Tricks website as all the others, so let us have a look at how the company measures up.

1) – Ease of Use

This is one of the most crucial factors determining how effective an online guitar lessons course is going to turn out for you, i.e. it needs to be easily comprehensible and be on a website that is easy for users to access and utilize its resources. Just like any beginner guitarist out there, I also started out by signing up for a Guitar Tricks course and set out on a long journey to learn how to play guitar.

My first stop was at Guitar Tricks’ Core Learning System. This section of the website is the one that contains all the basics and Fundamentals that you need to kick start guitar learning process. You can easily find it on the site since the menus have been clearly labeled and organized for easy accessibility.

Whatever your level of skill, even if you have never heard what a guitar pick is, the Fundamentals’ section gets you started. It covers both the right- and left-hand techniques, how to tune your guitar, as well as to introduce you to playing the chords. The videos here also feature splendid HD resolution and on-screen diagrams that assist you to get along.

In my GuitarTricks reviews, there is one very important thing I noticed about their site that I have to talk about here. Comparing it to their competitors’, the online guitar lessons videos on appeared to load a little bit quicker than those provided on the other services even when Guitar Tricks resolution settings were set at the highest. With this, it is easy to see how GuitarTricks has strived to make sure that their servers can stream videos fast and thus bring you the very best of video experience online. Though the subtle strength variation I mentioned here can only be noticed if you compare Guitar Tricks to other companies offering similar services online, it is a factor big enough to ensure that you do not easily lose interest in continuing your online guitar lessons simply due to getting tired of waiting for lesson videos to load. I bet that other companies can learn a lot if they decided to take notes from on this issue. Kudos to Guitar Tricks for such magnificent behind-the-scenes ingenuity in web design.

Compared to all the other sites that I reviewed, overall, Guitar Tricks comes out on top when it comes to the ease of use of the menu system. At no single instance did I find myself scratching the head for failing to find something or getting mixed up when trying to pick up from where I had left off previously.

It is, therefore, no secret that is certainly a very easy-to-use site. I have no doubt that the Guitar Tricks website is the most well-designed online guitar lessons platform out there.

Well, that is a fantastic finding for any guitarist, but do their guitar lessons work? How effective is GuitarTricks? Check out below…

2) – Effectiveness of Service

Apart from their ease of use, one other factor about the guitar lessons offered online that is extremely crucial is how effective they are. Our review here thus sought to answer this critical question: does GuitarTricks offer its guitarists an online learning course that works for all?

From my long time experience with, there is one thing that I have come to notice: that the company has not left any stone unturned — Guitar Tricks covers everything! This is somewhat expected from them because they have been around the longest. Besides the many styles and techniques that Guitar Tricks has availed to its users and online visitors, I am also talking about their numerous learning tools that are going to aid your mastery of playing the guitar. While all websites will vary in how they cover the different styles and genres of music, it is how their online guitar lessons are packaged and presented to you for learning that is the most important thing.

In a bid to ensure that their learners grasp everything and are not left with any lingering questions, the music instructors at offer very detailed and comprehensive explanations. They are also known for going straight to the point, meaning that you will have an almost zero possibility of getting bored and losing interest easily. This is a very important aspect of the learning process if you want to stick with teaching yourself how to play guitar to the end.

GuitarTricks enables you to track your learning progress quite easily, too. As it is evident from the image below, you can see that I am almost finished with “Chapter 1: Introduction to Music Theory.” Picking up from where you left your lesson off is very easy, making sure that you can control your learning process to go at your pace.

——– “Chapter 1: Introduction to Music Theory” image here ——–

Guitar Tricks lesson videos also feature a nifty loop functionality that allows you to loop parts of a lesson video so as to practice some sections. Quite reasonably, it does not make much sense to have an instructor repeat the same stuff over and over again when you are paying them US$30-50 per hour. It is for this reason that has made this a non-issue. All you need are a few clicks to the button labeled “Loop A-B” at the bottom right of any lesson video to access this great feature.

The feature enables you to set both the Loop Beginning point and End point by dragging the start (A) and end (B) boxes along the playback strip. Alternatively, you could just hit the A and B keys on your keyboard. Try this easy but very crucial functionality just once and you will fall in love with it — the process of learning the guitar becomes a breeze!

This great functionality is extremely easy-to-use and very effective at assisting beginner guitarists like you to work out any challenging parts of a lesson video. As your guitar skills advance — and trust me they will be advancing soon — you will come to love and appreciate this ingenious feature. beats every other online guitar lessons platform out there by having the most effective music tools for learning the guitar, a clear demonstration of the level of effort put into designing both their website and their course music programs. If you want to feel this effectiveness of their service firsthand, you must experience it yourself. Once you have seen the results, you will agree with me that it is really difficult to recommend any other site.

3) – Cost of Subscription

Well, this is quite an important factor…

A great education is priceless; that is why it should be available to everybody! Unfortunately, it appears as if a good education often comes at a costly price. Have you ever realized that the most veteran guitar tutors are the ones that charge the most for a personal one-on-one guitar lesson?

But I also love a great deal, more so if it brings a better service or product for a much lower price than competitors.

With that in mind, let me ask you one question: what if you had access to the best and most effective online guitar lessons yet for a price that trounces those offered by all other competitors in this market? In my Guitar Tricks review, this is something that blew my mind about the company. After rigorously and comprehensively testing and reviewing so many guitar lessons platforms online, I came to a conclusion that is among those that come out on top when it comes to aspects like their website’s Ease of Use and Overall Effectiveness. So, you can imagine how dumbfounded I was when I came to the realization that Guitar Tricks also have got the best pricing structure too!

I am sure you are now wondering — like I was a while back — how GuitarTricks can levy so much lower charges than their competitors and yet at the same time be able to offer the best online guitar lessons in the market?

As we have mentioned earlier, remember that Guitar Tricks’ history stretches as far back as 1998. This means that apart from being pioneers in this field, they have also had enough time to be a pacesetter, having been the first website to offer playing lessons to guitar enthusiasts and other aspiring guitarists via the Internet. Even today, still leads the pack regarding the total number of registered users.

When a company offers 0its customers such quality services like Guitar Tricks does and benefits so many people, then it is no wonder that they are correspondingly reaping so much in financial rewards and subsequent success and growth. But instead of resting on their laurels and thinking that they have arrived where they wanted to be, GuitarTricks have continued to reinvest even more in their competition-beating business model! They still continue to make the best guitar lessons on the Web while at the same time offering their customers the best value for money by levying the lowest charges in the market. After this review, comparing GuitarTricks to the other companies that I was able to check out, it is very easy to tell those that are in this business just for the money and those that care about helping their customers learn how to play the guitar. I developed a lot of respect for those companies that put their customers before anything else., if you are reading this right now, I salute you! Keep up the good work 🙂

Sometimes, I feel like pitying those other online guitar lessons service providers out there because, with the way I see Guitar Tricks managing their online business, it seems like they will always remain the undisputed leader in this field for a long, long time to come. I feel sorry for all those other companies out there because the way I see things, the probability of you guys remaining stuck in an unending game of catch-up with GuitarTricks is very real!

Now that Guitar Tricks seems to be such a gorgeous product at the most affordable prices, could there be aspiring guitarists out there that their services do not work for? For those of you that may — “unfortunately” — fall into this category, what guarantee do you have? Perhaps, this is the best part for some of you; read on, my friend!

4) – Money-Back Guarantee

Guitar Tricks’ Money-Back Guarantee it is!

For some of us, this might be the ultimate icing on the cake. Even to me, this made a very big difference. For any product or service that you are purchasing out there, it is always very important that you read the seller company’s fine-print and understand their return policy. With that in mind, and despite the fact that I may already have left you dumbfounded with the number of qualities that I have discussed in this review that makes this company stand above the crowd, let me drop yet another bombshell about them: Guitar Tricks is the only provider of online guitar lessons services out there that provides all its customers with a kind of double guarantee!

First of all, GuitarTricks offers its users a 14-Day Free Trial that allows them to get complete access to their musical tools and resources risk-free for up to 14 days! This way, you can check out everything that the company has in store for you, and if you are not happy with what you find, then you can just cancel. It is that simple!

However, that is not all…

GuitarTricks also offers you a record-setting 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee! This means that if you decide today to subscribe to their online guitar services for up to 60 days (a whole two months, mark you!) and then choose to discard them simply after this period, then you can do exactly that! Maybe it turns out that this is not what you were looking for, or it simply has not worked out for you, or you have finished learning all you wanted to learn; whatever your reason, you can get a full refund of your money with no questions asked whatsoever!

There is no other online guitar lessons platform that comes even near to matching when it comes to this aspect — in case you happen to find one, please let me know! 🙂

Now ponder about this a little and do some math: if GuitarTricks were a mediocre company offering below standard, sub-par online guitar lessons, then it means that everyone would have been asking for a refund of their cash, and they would soon be out of business. But as things stand right now, you and I know that these guys have been around since 1998!

Here, you need to be able to read between the lines. Imagine Guitar Tricks can offer such kind of crazy guarantee! There can only be one explanation for this: these guys are simply exceptionally good that everybody loves their work!

In a bid to ensure that my review is complete and is without any bias on my side, I decided to contact the company with the “sad news” that I wished to terminate my subscription with their service within the given 60-day window. My intention was to see if they were prepared to put their money where their mouth is… or maybe I should say, put my cash back to my pocket! 😉

You cannot believe their response: Guitar Tricks were extremely courteous and polite and happily gave me back my money without any resistance whatsoever! It seemed to me like it was almost too easy! They were able to live up to their reputation in their signature polite style. With GuitarTricks, customers come ahead of anything else! They will do all that is humanly possible to accommodate you. There is so much that other service providers in this industry can learn from Guitar Tricks when it comes to the way a company should treat its customers.

With a whopping 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, there is a lot all of us can learn about customer service and how much trusts their product. It also tells a lot about the integrity of Guitar Tricks as a company and how much dedication they have when it comes to providing their customers the very best regarding service.

In my Guitar Tricks reviews, I have come to find out that this is another thing that consistently ranks the company above all its competitors in every business aspect that there is, more so customer service and support. No wonder they have such a large number of satisfied clients… which brings us to the last two points of our GuitarTricks review.

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5) – Proven Reputation

Guitar Tricks sprung out of very humble beginnings, having been established by renowned San Francisco guitarist, Jon Broderick. According to him, his vision was to create an online platform that could provide all skill levels of guitarists with a place to learn new guitar tricks and skills at the comfort of the living rooms. Starting from a tiny online guitar lessons website in 1998, has grown to become the largest guitar lessons service provider on the Internet boasting of more than 1.9 million active members from all corners of the globe.

GuitarTricks has been in this guitar lessons business far longer than any of the other companies providing similar services. This is why the company can offer aspiring guitarists the most effective services via the most well designed, developed and efficient site while at the same time doing this at the most affordable prices and with the most attractive money-back guarantee that you can think of!

This proven reputation that is often associated with seems to be in all the services they offer; in fact, in every single thing that they do in the guitar lessons market. I do not have to go on and on about these things because I have come to learn firsthand from experience that this firm’s reputation is simply self-depicting.

You can now see why Guitar Tricks has such a large number of users and why they have become the number one choice for any person looking to kick start the process of learning how to play the guitar or those that want to take their guitar-playing skills to the next level. It is for the same reason that GuitarTricks have the biggest number of positive testimonials from real online users of any guitar lessons website there is out there.

Just check out the following…

6) – Real User Reviews

As I reviewed all those other online guitar lessons sites that I was able to rate, I never came across another that can boast of having as much positive user feedback as I found in my Guitar Tricks reviews. Check out the samples below; they represent only a small fraction of the massive amount of real online user testimonials that I came across about Guitar Tricks:

Now, there you have it — real feedback from real users! The volumes speak for themselves; I need not add more. In as long as everybody seems to have fallen in love with what offers, it is often advisable also to do your personal research for you to be in a position to make the best decision the first time.

This brings us to our conclusion of this GuitarTricks review. Let us now see the final results.

Total Rating (5/5)

In the online guitar lessons world, is the best there ever was; it is the best that there is, and possibly the best that there will ever exist! Their website has the largest assortment of guitar lessons than you can ever find on any other similar platform on the Internet! Where else can you find 8,000+ top-of-the-range guitar lessons like those that are found on If you find any other platform with such sheer numbers of high-quality guitar lessons, I would also love to know it! 🙂

Similarly, it is only on Guitar Tricks that you will ever find over 500 songs for you to learn, meaning that you can learn the beautiful art of playing the guitar with a chance to practice using some of the most popular songs from some of the big names that you adore in the music industry. Yes, avails to you twice as many songs as any of their competitors!

Guitar Tricks also provides its customers unbeatable value, with two industry-leading guarantees: the 14-Day Free Trial as well as the 60-Day Moneyback Guarantee. All these aspects add up to ensure that scoops the top position in having the best, most effective guitar lessons platform online that has the largest number of registered customers as well as the most satisfied users and visitors.

So, if you have been searching for the very best online guitar lessons website that also has the most effective customer support system, and you have come this far reading through my Guitar Tricks review, and then you know the ultimate answer to your long search: GUITAR TRICKS! This company should be any enthusiastic guitar learner’s very first pick since you can try the Guitar Tricks services completely risk-free before making a decision to either go on or stop there. If you find that you like the service and want to continue with the subscription, then you can make the decision to stick with their guitar lessons course. If you do, then you will find yourself in the group of most people that do stick with Guitar Tricks — they are TOP for a reason!

With that hearty parting shot, we conclude our Guitar Tricks review. Thank you so much for reading.

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